12 Декабря 2012 / Мнение

Новогоднее письмо Оскара Хартмана 

Оскар Хартман Автор / Оскар Хартман
Оскар Хартман - основатель (и инвестор) нескольких компаний в сфере e-commerce. Самая известная - KupiVIP.
Новогоднее письмо Оскара Хартмана
К нам в руки попало письмо основателя компании KupiVIP Оскара Хартмана, отправленное в преддверии прошлого Нового года сотрудникам. Оно показалось нам настолько интересным, что мы с согласия Оскара решили его опубликовать, без перевода, чтобы не "убить" драйв. Enjoy. One of my favorite quotes of all time:

We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.

Aristotle said this 2300 something years ago. But it remains as true as ever. The focus on DOING is really key in life. Only actions count.

For this reason I wish you for 2012 most of all that you develop your STRONG HABITS / RITUALS / ROUTINES and your MINDSET that drives every decisions you make every day so that you achieve YOUR GOALS IN WORK AND LIFE. And make you who you are. A professional, successful and happy person.
I have analyzed success factors and successful people for a long time now. It continues to be my hobby. And what I found is that it’s really only the dailhabits/rituals/routinesand a mindset that differentiates successful people. It is really key.

For your inspiration I want to give you some of the things I have learned from my research, and maybe you find them worth doing:

· Review your work every night

· Drive your inbox to ZERO every day

· Read your email every day

· Manage by walking around

· Meet all your subordinates regularly

· Communicate with all levels of subordination – not only direct reports

· Walk 30 minutes everyday

· Remember your dreams in the morning

· Do always something fun Monday – one thing fun

· Have your budget open constantly and look at it in detail constantly

· Never eat alone – try to have lunch with new people often

· Drink only water and nothing else

· Think in all decisions you make as your FUTURE SELF vs. Current self. Let the future self make decisions

· Always be reachable

· Always kill long discussions

· Try to speak much less about yourself

· Look at all your KPI every single day

· Create a sleep ritual for better sleep

· Start every day as new day – don’t mess up today with yesterday

· Make everything that is hard in your life a routine that you follow blindly

· Don’t tolerate medium people around you

· TAKE NOTES – everywhere and about everything

· Follow the how to get things done system

· Visualize your goals every day

· Select key topics in which you want to be an expert and follow and learn in them


· Think about 3 good things every day – ask questions with positive answers

· Always talk good about others

· Smile as much as you can every day

· Expose yourself to sunlight in the morning

· Absolutely always keep your promises

· Constantly set yourself goals and commit to them mentally

My top wish for you is that you develop your strong habits and believes that constantly give you energy and the discipline to do what it takes!

Thank you for your hard work in 2011!